This Warranty Policy covers only those defects that arise as a result of normal use of the Alpha Competition Products, and does not apply to any alpha competition product that has been (i) modified; (ii) used in any manner contrary to its intended purpose; (iii) repaired by an unauthorized party; or (iv) damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, neglect or other external causes. This Warranty Policy does not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches or dents.

For all Alpha Competition Products, Alpha Competition warrants to Purchaser that the Alpha Competition Product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser (“Lifetime Warranty”). In order to make a claim under this Lifetime Warranty Policy, Purchaser must contact Alpha Competition directly.

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The Alpha Competition lifetime warranty covers only faults caused by manufacturing defects for the entire life of the product. The following types of damage are not covered: accidental or intentional misuse or abuse, incorrect installation, modification or alteration, exposure to weather conditions (including rust) and corrosion caused by chemicals/solvents that can cause damage to your Alpha Competition product. Alpha Competition's liability in any event is limited to repairing or replacing defective parts with new ones during the warranty.
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